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14701monsantocontrol[1] During 2002 Indian Farmers Committing Suicide as a Result of Monsanto’s GM CropsMonsanto’s GM crops were supposed to feed the world hunger and starvation but instead the diverse sustainable organic agriculture was replaced with globalization, GMO crop failures and its threat to environment and human’s health, monopoly, farmer’s suicide and world wide control of seeds. Every 30 minutes an Indian farmer commits suicide as a result of Monsanto’s GM crops. In the last decade more than 250,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves because of Monsanto’s costly seeds and pesticides. Globalization and monopoly have forced farmers to buy GM seeds and since GM crops have become pests’ resistance, the farmers have no choice but to purchase Monsanto’s pesticide. Sometimes GM crops fail over and over again; GM crops also do not grow back again next year and every year farmers have to buy new seeds.

In India 2013…the collection of royalties from seed has led to Monsanto controlling 95 percent of the cottonseed supply, 95 percent through a monopoly, not through the choice of the farmers, as it’s often made out to be. Farmers are getting indebted because the price of seed jumped 8,000 percent, and there’s no option.



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